BT ISDN switch off ? How to prepare.

BT are switching off the PSTN and ISDN networks for good in 2025. Traditional phone lines are a legacy technology, and supply of these will be ceased in 2023. If your business is using an ISDN enabled phone system, there has never been a better time to look at moving to the cloud.

Why upgrade to cloud?

Cost effectiveness: as the system is hosted in the cloud there is little upfront investment. Upgrades and maintenance are the responsibility of the cloud service provider, so your IT team is freed up to work on more business-critical tasks. Subscription based billing gives you predictable monthly costs.

Simplicity: a cloud-based system allows you to manage your users and call flows from a central location. You enjoy corporate telephony features without the hassle of managing an onsite system. Most hosted phone systems are extremely intuitive and user-friendly and are a stress-free solution for your organisation.

Mobility:  a cloud -based system moves with you.  If you move office, there is no need to by a new system or even change your phone numbers. You stay professional and available wherever you are.

Present a corporate image: advanced features like IVR, music-on-hold and call queue options to suit your business, you can easily manage your caller experience. These features often come as standard, the service provider is responsible for upgrades, meaning you always have the latest version.

Remote working: Switching to Firstcom’s cloud solution means you can use your office number anywhere. Collaboration tools like video conferencing and screen sharing are all available from your web log-in.

How Firstcom can help?

Choose Universe from Firstcom for a smooth transition from your legacy system. Whether you are a single site business or run multiple locations, we can help you and your team to connect and collaborate anytime, anywhere and on any device. Click on the button below to see how Universe can help you be more agile and responsive.