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An increasing number of business broadband customers rely on cloud-based services like Office 365, Voice over IP phone systems and offsite data centres, all of which makes the need for a fast and reliable business broadband connection essential.

It’s easy to begin to feel overwhelmed when thinking about the different types of broadband that are available to purchase.

Allow us to explain the differences, and you can determine which is more beneficial for you.

Important factors to consider

When looking for business broadband deals, you should consider more than the price. Speed is critical when you’re deciding which business broadband package is right for your business needs; too fast, and you’ll be paying too much for what you need, too slow and your team will find it hard to get their jobs done.

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Standard broadband (ADSL – Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is an internet connection that is always on. This service uses a microfilter to split the frequencies for voice and internet on a single copper wire, so your phone line is never tied up when your internet is connected. This is a basic home broadband service that is sufficient for most home workers and entrepreneurs.



Fibre broadband (FTTC – Fibre To The Cabinet) is a fibre optic cable delivering a business broadband connection to your local cabinet at the speed of light. The remaining connection is delivered via copper wire, therefore the actual speed to receive is affected by how far away you are from your street cabinet. For broadband and phone (SIP trunking), fibre broadband delivers enough bandwidth for most small businesses.



Full fibre broadband (FTTP – Fibre To The Premises) is a pure fibre-optic broadband connection running from an Internet Service Provider (ISP) all the way to your business. Full fibre supports symmetrical connections, meaning your upload and download speeds can be the same. Business phone systems, cloud software services, even video conferencing, all running at the same time will run smoothly even at peak times.

FTTP is subject to a one-off connection fee

Leased Line


All services, ADSL, FTTC and even FTTP are ‘contended’ at the local exchange. This means that the central connection within your local exchange is shared between other businesses. Therefore the speed that you receive can vary due to other users on the exchange. 

A leased line is different because it is a dedicated full fibre connection from the ISP direct to your business. This means you get the full bandwidth you choose both as a download and an upload speed. For example, you could  choose a 100/100MB DIA circuit and you would get 100MB download and 100MB upload.

This is the ultimate business broadband service available where internet connectivity is critical.

Access Points

Sufficient internet speed is essential for modern businesses. Sometimes one part of a building will have a good WiFi connection, others will not. If you require your internet speeds boosted in some locations, an access point could be your answer. 

WIFI Access Points can be set up to allow you to extend your connection, reliably, through your business space without strain. It is becoming more and more common to install multiple of these in buildings where a single WiFi connection wouldn’t be able to serve an entire property. This is usually large buildings or buildings with large solid walls or where the wireless connection needs to pass through many objects to reach where it needs to get to.

How many Access Points can you install? Well, as many as you want or need! But be careful, the more you install, the weaker the signal may become as it is being shared.

Unify Access Point

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Tony Robinson – Via Clinic
I have been using Universe for 5 months now and have to say it is the most user friendly unified communications product I have seen. My customers love the voice quality and as a company our productivity has been aided by the range of advanced features it offers.
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Dave Melin, Managing Director and Founder of Amtech Business Solutions
Working with a service provider who listens and takes feedback on board is a refreshing change! We love the fact that we are listened to and we can affect change. Secondly, we feel that the values of Firstcom closely match the values of Amtech, so working in partnership with them ensures that our services are cost-effective, reliable and tailored. As technology evolves so quickly, having a partner who is agile and flexible ensures we are always competitive with our customers and able to provide profitable solutions.
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James Partner, Managing Director of Oasis Technology.
I really cannot praise Firstcom highly enough. Without exception, every single member of their staff are a joy to deal with. They are professional yet friendly; know their product inside-out, and of paramount importance to us they take time to listen to and understand our needs. They are truly the communications provider we had been looking for, for such a long time. All I can say is that I wish we had gotten to know them a long time ago!

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