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At Firstcom we appreciate how important your Business Mobile Phones are. From making sure you and your staff are remotely connected at any time of the day to managing your business whilst away from the office.

Technology and communications are vital tools for any business app from email and calendar syncing to accessing cloud storage. If you find that you often have unused minutes on your mobile phone contract at the end of every month or you are constantly running out of data, then you could well be on the wrong mobile phone tariff. We use all major networks and suppliers to ensure you receive an optimal service.

Why choose a business mobile contract?

Running a business profitably is challenging, so any opportunity to save time and money is invaluable. With one of our business mobile contracts, you have a single point of contact for all your mobile communications needs across all networks and devices, for billing, issues and accessories.

In addition, as long as your mobile contract is in the name of your company then it is tax-deductible providing any personal use is limited to a ‘reasonable minimum’.

Business mobile contracts tend to fall into one of these categories

This is the industry standard mobile contract model. You purchase a monthly plan which will include a handset and a specified amount of minutes, texts and data. Typical contract length is usually 24 months after which you own the handset.

Often, businesses continue to pay the same monthly charge even after the initial contract period has expired, despite the fact that they will have paid for the handset element of that cost within the first 24 months. If you’re happy to keep the same handset(s) then it is worth considering a SIM-only deal.

A business SIM-only contract means that we supply only the SIM card for use in a mobile telephone/smartphone that you already own or need to purchase yourself. You can also use our SIMs in tablet devices. Many telecoms providers will spread the cost of a new phone across the term of your contract, including a mark-up. This can potentially make your monthly bill fairly expensive!

If you have a phone that you are happy with and want to save on calls, texts and mobile data then one of our SIM-only deals is for you.

Business sharer plans allow you to pick a monthly amount of minutes, texts, data and other services, and share these across multiple employees/devices. It’s a very effective and flexible way to manage your mobile needs and keep your workforce connected with a tailored program specifically for your business.

Your dedicated Firstcom Mobile account manager

At Firstcom we pride ourselves in tailoring the right contracts and mobile handsets specifically for your business, from simple rugged devices to the latest in smartphone technology. We can run a full audit on your existing bill to see where and how we can make your tariff more cost-effective for your business. We will also deal with your transfer from start to finish when changing networks.

Our dedicated account managers will guide you through the various network contract options to get the right business mobile plan and ensure you only pay for what you need. As we are not affiliated with any individual network, you can be sure that you will receive honest, uncomplicated and completely independent advice.

Once you have chosen your plan, your account manager will keep you informed of any new network offers or tariff changes via regular tariff reviews, providing a single point of contact for all your mobile phone contract needs. We continue to monitor call usage, texting and mobile broadband usage to keep you on the best contract available. All our account management staff are highly trained specialists, qualified on all networks.

What our customers have to say

Tony Robinson – Via Clinic

I have been using Universe for 5 months now and have to say it is the most user friendly unified communications product I have seen. My customers love the voice quality and as a company our productivity has been aided by the range of advanced features it offers.

Customer Testimonial - Amtech Business Solutions logo
Dave Melin, Managing Director and Founder of Amtech Business Solutions

Working with a service provider who listens and takes feedback on board is a refreshing change! We love the fact that we are listened to and we can affect change. Secondly, we feel that the values of Firstcom closely match the values of Amtech, so working in partnership with them ensures that our services are cost-effective, reliable and tailored. As technology evolves so quickly, having a partner who is agile and flexible ensures we are always competitive with our customers and able to provide profitable solutions.

PARTNER - Oasis Technology Logo
James Partner, Managing Director of Oasis Technology.

I really cannot praise Firstcom highly enough. Without exception, every single member of their staff are a joy to deal with. They are professional yet friendly; know their product inside-out, and of paramount importance to us they take time to listen to and understand our needs. They are truly the communications provider we had been looking for, for such a long time. All I can say is that I wish we had gotten to know them a long time ago!

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