Universe Update 6 – Universe Call Type Barring

To control which Users are able to make different types of calls, it is now possible for Administrators of Universe to limit these for each User. This provides an opportunity for companies to keep costs under control and manage staff use of phones.

The options for Call Type Barring include;

  • Internal calls within the company (compulsory)
  • Domestic fixed and mobile calls and includes Freephone (e.g. 0800)
  • Special Numbers (Premium Rate 0900 and Shared Cost 0870, 0845)
  • Calls to Europe
  • Calls to World (includes Europe but not Geo Blocked countries – see Update 3 ) It is possible to mix and match the above five options for each User.

How to configure it?

Administrators should

as a header and then select “Swap to administrator view”

  • Select My Users => Search => enter the User’s name => Edit
  • To make Call Type Barring selections
    • Different types of calls can be removed by clicking on the “x” in the box containing a particular type of call; e.g. Special Numbers
    • Types of calls can be added by clicking to the white space at the end of the option boxes.
    • This will show a menu for you to select options
    • Once you have completed the choice of calls, do not forget to save your work by clicking on the Update User blue box on the bottom of the screen