Can your business afford to miss a call?

What can you do to make sure that you never miss a call again?  Unified communications solutions come with a range of features that ensure that you avoid missing those all-important calls.

Multiple device ringing

Not everyone is at their desk all day long – and there’s nothing worse than coming back to your desk and seeing you’ve missed a call you’ve been waiting for. With unified communications you can set up all your devices to ring at the same time – your mobile, desk phone and laptop will all ring and you simply answer on the one that is most convenient at the time.


When you can’t answer a call yourself because you are on the phone or out of the office an IVR is a lifesaver. Also known as a virtual receptionist, it’s a great feature that automates the incoming call process, directing calls to the right department or person.  Your IVR can also be customised to play greetings for business hours, out-of-hours and holidays and can direct the caller to leave a voicemail during these times.

Call forward no answer

This simple feature is great for busy team members who need to be connected at all times.  For example, you can set your desk phone to ring for 10 seconds, then ring either your mobile, a colleague or bring the caller to a voice mail if there’s no answer. But if you really do miss a call …there is…

Voicemail to email

When voicemails are forwarded to your email, you get an instant notification and convenient access to your voicemail recordings.  Because you don’t have to check a desk phone for email notifications, you’ll be able to work on the go. You don’t even need to call your voicemail box, its all there in the email, allowing you to respond to your client swiftly, and before they look for an alternative.

With unified communications there’s no reason to miss an important business call. By using all these features, you can be confident that your customers are happy, and your business is competitive and responsive.