Time is money! or “How Firstcom’s CCaaS solution helped a major finance client maximise efficiencies!


We love satisfied customers. And we love installing Omni-Channel CCaaS solutions too! So, imagine our excitement at being able to boast about our recent collaboration with a major client in the Financial sector to deliver a Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) and how we helped them improve customer engagement, resulting in a very satisfied client?

That client in question, boasts a 40 year history in providing finance solutions for a key B2C market, delivering a range of innovative and quality products and services to thousands of customers every week. They are a recognised leader in their field, one focused on outstanding customer service, which was their main priority throughout the process. For us the beauty of delivering a bespoke CCaaS solution was that we could kill two birds with one stone. Improve customer service for our client, whilst improving efficiencies and future proofing technology. A win-win-win!

For our client the challenges centred around ensuring the service was delivered with minimum disruption and the adoption of new ways of working was achieved by engaging with staff to ensure buy in across the business. Simplicity of implementation and use was key.


So the solution itself was simple: An Omni Channel CCaaS solution. More and more, businesses are looking towards Omni solutions to not only maintain contact with customers, but to provide an enhanced service offering in line with the ethos of the company. Firstcom were able to assess the customer objects, suggest an appropriate technology fit for the requirements (based on taking a vendor agnostic approach), project manage the deployment along with the build and provide ongoing support to the customer in order to further enhance optimisation of the customers contact centre environment.

The result was as a full CCaaS solution offering a huge range of benefits to our client including improved contact for staff and customers, better reporting, improved content sharing and improved quality assurance metrics


For our client there were numerous benefits including:
– Future proofing of the entire client infrastructure, with the introduction of digital channels.
– Extensive reporting suite enabling proactive monitoring of staff at multiple locations within the UK
– Eliminating the need for staff to log in via physical handsets – now logging in via a ‘soft’ phone.
– Quality Assurance teams can access the calls generated in order to monitor call content and quality this improving the customer experience and also enabling compliance rules to be adhered to.
– All digital channels enabled minimising double handling of emails and improving the amount of agent talk time by improving call handling efficiencies.
– Bulk SMS sends targeting current debtors. 96% of SMS’s being opened and read as opposed to only 18% if calling out.

The end result was not only huge efficiency savings for our client but an enhanced service to their customers too, with increased time for handler communication and a single voice solution which is the cornerstone of Omni-Channel offerings.