Connect on the move with Mobile Softphone applications

A mobile softphone application is a convenient way of maintaining business continuity and staying connected on the go. The mobile device becomes an extension of your business phone system, simply by downloading an application. Features like chat, conference call, voicemail, call transfer, your office and personal contact lists and user availability, apply to mobile apps that turn smart phones into fully functioning business phones.

Mobile apps are particularly useful for employees who are on the road as they allow them to be connected from anywhere. They can answer calls made to their office number on their mobile softphone. There is no need to carry two phones anymore, one business and one personal. Adding the company phone app to a device that employees are already familiar with, makes adoption much easier and more convenient.

An integrated mobile application gives your team access to the company directory, saving time and hassle looking for contacts when on the road. User presence on the app allows them to see when a colleague is available to take a call.

There is no need to buy extra mobile subscriptions and/or hardware for employees. If your company has a Bring Your Own Device policy; the softphone application is simply installed on an existing device.  With an IP softphone, calls are made over the internet rather than the mobile carrier network making them cost efficient.

When your team needs to handle business calls out of the office the full range of services from the office phone system is available. With the right technology in place, your employees really can work efficiently and effectively no matter where they are. 

Why not watch our video on the Universe Mobile for Android and iOS: