Contact Centre as a Service- why do you need it?

As a business, you’ll be aware of how important is is to keep your customers happy. But with customer behaviour and expectations constantly evolving, it can be hard to stay on top of this.

Take the past couple of years. The pandemic made all of us more dependent on online interactions and digital communications than ever before. And a lot of this behaviour has stuck post-pandemic.

Customers might want to browse on their desktop, purchase on their mobile and then collect their item in person. They expect to switch between channels without having to remind you who they are and what they bought. In short, they want one journey.

This is where Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) technology can help.

Your business has a lot going on; managing projects, carrying out admin work, dealing with staffing and customer issues immediately spring to mind.  You might not think that you need a contact centre solution. But you may be behaving like a contact centre, but without the supporting technology. Ask yourself the following:

  • Do you have team members who are not “dedicated agents”, but who do need to prioritise incoming calls over other tasks?
  • Do call volumes fluctuate depending on the time of day or during busy periods?
  • Do calls need to be transferred to experts if a more complex query come in?
  • Do your customers expect a fast response time, or do you need to deliver a contractual service level to them?

If your business answers yes to all or most of the above, it may be that your current phone system is not enough to fully support your customers.  It could be time to add channels like social media, live chat and SMS.

Below are 5 ways that CCaaS can help you create a superior customer experience:

  1. Allow clients to communicate the way they want to. Different people prefer different ways of communication. And different communications channels are suited to different questions. A simple question about opening hours can be answered via a chat message, whilst a more involved billing query might be better resolved through a phone conversation. With CCaaS your customers can interact on they are most comfortable with and allows the agent to route them to a phone call if questions prove too complex.
  2. Recruit the people with the best skills. With a cloud contact centre solution, agents can work from anywhere. This means that you’re not limited to your local area when you’re looking for staff. Most CCaaS solutions offer user-friendly dashboards so staff are quickly up-to-speed with minimal training.
  3. Make your customers feel valued. No one wants to be passed around to multiple members of staff or to have to repeat themselves every time they call in. Modern CCaaS means that your team has customer information and past interactions at their fingertips, so they don’t have to spend time gathering basic information. IVR technology allows you to route their call more accurately, so callers reach the right department first time.
  4. Improve your interactions with call recording. Call recording is an effective contact centre tool. It can help businesses monitor staff performance and get an insight into customer interactions.  You can use is to help improve scripts, or to identify which agents need support and training.
  5. Be more responsive; especially if you are lean in terms of staff. Contact centre solutions let you place callers in queue and play them a message updating them on progress. Most customers will prefer a short wait than having to call back.  You can also take advantage of call analytics to see when your call volumes are at their highest and lowest and adjust staffing levels accordingly.

From improved responsiveness to multi-channel interactions, CCaaS will deliver everything you need to future proof your business and stay competitive in today’s digital world.

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