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Workforce Management can help organisations with people-intensive operations like contact centres achieve an optimal balance between workload and staffing.

Between 65% and 75% of the average contact centre’s operational cost will be consumed by human resourcing, so it’s not surprising that more and more of them rely heavily on workforce management (WFM) applications. WFM solutions are invaluable where a contact centre deploys contract, temporary and short-shift workers.

Firstcom WFM partners

We work closely with several partners to deliver WFM solutions to our clients.

Calabrio’s Teleopti provides everything necessary to effectively manage your staff, forecast demand to improve your overall customer service operation.  We also integrate Teleopti WFM with our cloud contact handling solutions and can support both separately or as a single-contract, single-contact solution

MaxContact WFM provides statistical analysis of your contact centre and business interactions to ensure you have the right staff with the right skills in place to meet your goals.  It works with several interaction channels including inbound, back office, SMS, email and web chat.

Puzzel WFM is fast to deploy and simple to use. It is optimized for contact centres and is a constituent part of the Puzzel Customer Service Platform.

Teleopti Workforce Management

What our customers have to say

Tony Robinson – Via Clinic
I have been using Universe for 5 months now and have to say it is the most user friendly unified communications product I have seen. My customers love the voice quality and as a company our productivity has been aided by the range of advanced features it offers.
Customer Testimonial - Amtech Business Solutions logo
Dave Melin, Managing Director and Founder of Amtech Business Solutions
Working with a service provider who listens and takes feedback on board is a refreshing change! We love the fact that we are listened to and we can affect change. Secondly, we feel that the values of Firstcom closely match the values of Amtech, so working in partnership with them ensures that our services are cost-effective, reliable and tailored. As technology evolves so quickly, having a partner who is agile and flexible ensures we are always competitive with our customers and able to provide profitable solutions.
PARTNER - Oasis Technology Logo
James Partner, Managing Director of Oasis Technology.
I really cannot praise Firstcom highly enough. Without exception, every single member of their staff are a joy to deal with. They are professional yet friendly; know their product inside-out, and of paramount importance to us they take time to listen to and understand our needs. They are truly the communications provider we had been looking for, for such a long time. All I can say is that I wish we had gotten to know them a long time ago!

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