Firstcom Europe enhances employee wellbeing with office move

Leading pan-European cloud technology provider Firstcom Europe on Friday celebrated the opening of its new European headquarters at the Parklands office complex in Bolton. Although Firstcom Europe is a telephone company with wide range of products, it has specialised in providing unified communications solutions, including; video, messaging, voice and fax, since 2007. Headquartered in Bolton, it operates in four countries: Denmark, Germany, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

The office was officially opened on 21st October 2022 by the Mayor of Bolton, Councillor Akhtar Zaman. Firstcom is confident it has created a modern, open plan office that is a pleasant working environment, and where it is easy to collaborate with colleagues. According to Christian Bleakley, CEO of Firstcom Europe, “The workspace is shrouded in in our corporate branding, with abundant natural light and a generous kitchen facility.” Whilst Firstcom wholeheartedly supports remote working, the company firmly believes there is also a value in office-based work to build teams and mentor colleagues.

Firstcom Europe is a high-growth technology company that expects to benefit from Parklands’ established business facilities and excellent transport links. The office will host the company’s UK staff across all their diverse functions as well as providing hot-desking and meeting facilities. With easy access to local amenities and subsidised gym membership, the new location has furthered Firstcom’s commitment to improving employee wellbeing and work-life balance.

“The move was pivotal in enabling us to reach the next stage or our development as a company. It is also part of our drive to overcome the legacy of the pandemic and to encourage colleagues meet each other regularly in the office,” said Bleakley. “We are proud to have created an environment our teams want to come to, rather than feel they have to attend. There is even enough space for the all-important pool table! Our partners, customers, and suppliers are welcome to visit us in our new location which we see as a statement of our confidence in the future.”