How can a business mobile plan help your company?

If you run a business in 2023 you will always be on the lookout for ways to reduce costs and simplify life.

Mobile phones are a vital piece of equipment for any business and its employees. This is especially true if you have remote workers, or team members who travel a lot.

But are you one of the many businesses that rely on the personal mobile plans of its employees?  If so, this blog will tell you how changing to a business mobile plan can benefit your business. 

The most obvious advantage is cost savings. Cost is important to any business. Group negotiating and having all your mobiles on one plan is more cost-effective.

But a business mobile contract comes with a host of other benefits for you and your team:

  • Simplified billing. A business mobile phone contract helps keep paperwork to a minimum with one bill for all your employees.  So much better than going through the personal mobile bills of your employees and reimbursing them.
  • Dedicated support. If you have ever tried to get through to the customer service team at one of the networks, you will know what a challenge this can be.  With a business mobile plan, we provide you an account manager who deals with the networks for you.
  • Greater flexibility. A business mobile plan gives you greater flexibility in terms of contract length, data, minutes, texts, and device options. As your business changes, so will your mobile usage patterns.  Your business mobile account manager will carry out regular tariff reviews and advise you on options based on your calling patterns.
  • Pooled data.  This is a major advantage; some of your employees are going to use more data than others.  With combined data, all mobiles can pull data from the pool to avoid out-of-bundle charges. With Firstcom as your provider, you can even pool data across all networks.
  • Up-to-date devices. When you equip your staff with the latest devices and give them access to essential apps and other business tools, you boost collaboration, communication, and efficiency.  This is especially critical when field-based employees need to access cloud-based applications remotely.

A business mobile phone contract can empower your employees, enhance productivity, and deliver cost savings.

When you use a company like Firstcom, you benefit from both the scale and resilience of the major network operators and the flexibility and care of an independent provider.

If this sounds like something that could benefit your business call us:

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