ISDN Replacement

Upgrading your customers from ISDN ahead of the switch off

The proposed deadline for the final switch-off of BTs ISDN Network is 2025. BT stopped taking orders for ISDN last year and Openreach haven’t installed a single ISDN line in Central London since 2014. The latest news from BT is that Openreach will not offer any voice products after 2023. We can expect to get ongoing quarterly “Stop Sell” announcements – this will be on a geographical basis – and will essentially mean that any premises within that are that has access to an available IP product will not be able to add services to their traditional line. The 2 million businesses still running their telephone system on ISDN lines will be wondering what alternative to choose.  Firstcom partners should see this as an opportunity to help prospects to make the right choice for their business before the shutdown happens.

What your customers need to know

ISDN is being moved from digital to Internet or cloud-based services. This switch-off is partly being driven by the roll-out of improved  connectivity services across the  country. The switch-off means that businesses who have not yet taken advantage of more modern IP-based communications will have to make the move sooner rather than later. Doing this well in advance of the deadline will allow them to consider different options and make an informed rather than a panicked choice. Technology has moved on dramatically in the last 20 years. Their ISDN system will now be lagging behind the more cost-effective, flexible systems that are now available.

What are the options?

SIP TRUNKS -SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is the direct replacement for ISDN. SIP removes the need for phone for a physical phone line by delivering calls into the customer site over their Internet connection.  Firstcom’s SIP Trunks are the ideal for businesses who want to host and manage their own PBX.  SIP can lower call costs, and offer increased flexibility and business continuity. SIP Trunks can continue to work with a traditional on-site PBX system using additional equipment.

CLOUD BASED PHONE SYSTEMS -A phone system that is hosted in the cloud is a great choice for businesses who don’t want the hassle or expense of hosting their own PBX.  Universe from Firstcom is easily controlled through our online portal and can be used with desk phones, a Windows, Mac device or mobile device. Universe is ideal for multi-site organisations or businesses that need to support remote and home workers.

 Migrate your customers now and we will help manage the switchover. Whatever solution, they can port over their existing numbers and experience no downtime during the move. They will soon be enjoying all the business benefits that VoIP has to offer as well as lower monthly bills.

 We can offer your client a free half-day consultation, usually worth £250.  Our pre-sales engineer will assess your client’s current set-up to recommend the best solution.

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