Meet: Danny King

Danny King – Head of Operations at Firstcom Europe UK

The last 12 months saw Danny move completely into Operations (from Sales Director), drawing on his strong customer focus to help all the Firstcom UK subsidiaries operate as one. Under Danny’s direction, Firstcom has centralised its Accounts and Billing function, expanded its Sales arm, as well as centralising the Operations and Support department.

Danny’s immediate priorities lie within the Support and Service Delivery part of the business, ensuring that the team responds quickly and resolves any requests in an efficient, friendly and timely manner. The resource available to partners has already tripled and Danny’s goal is to have an all-encompassing Sales Support, Service Delivery and Support function across all platforms available to all partners.

“My main challenge is to bring the relationship between our Platform Team, and Sales and Support Team closer together. The hosted IP telephony market is booming at the moment, and partners need to take advantage while it lasts. There is a lot of competition out there , but I truly believe no other company can be as flexible in their offering as we can.”

Q&A with Danny

What are your greatest strengths and what could you work on?

I think my strengths are my ability to listen, to think fairly and to see both sides of an argument, therefore helps with good man management. I really need to work on focus, rather than flitting between actions. I can do it but then start to flit

Best piece of advice you have been given?

Keep eye contact and always smile – by my Dad

Name one thing you couldn’t do without in your job.

Got to be my iPhone

The hardest decision you made last year?

Without doubt, to completely change our Sales department and product focus

Tell us something about yourself we don’t know

I hate flying but love travelling and once did a Virgin Atlantic fear of flying course!

Give one example of something you’ve overcome

A fear of flying – almost!

Name three ideal dinner guests (past or present) and why you’d invite them.

Buddy Holly – I would like to ask him why he kept faith in his new style of music when all around him said it would fail and also why the hell would he get in a 1 engine prop plane in a snow storm! Lee Harvey Oswald, as I need to know whether he shot JFK or not and Billy Connolly to make us all laugh during dessert

How do you relax when not working?

Walking my dog, playing golf, watching Man City

How would you like to be remembered?

As a fair & friendly character with a good sense of humour but with a winning desire.