Moving office

Managing an office move can be stressful. Whether you are relocating or expanding, you need to be sure that your customers can still get hold of you and that service levels are not affected by the move. An office move could be the ideal time to upgrade you telephone system.

Stay connected during your move: with an on-site phone system, you experience downtime while the system is migrated between your old and new address. A cloud-based system, by contrast can be ready to use at both locations so your phone lines are active throughout the move. Your employees can make and receive calls on their computers or mobiles by downloading softphone applications. This means they can work remotely during the move. What is more, Firstcom can help you keep your established phone number wherever you may be moving to.

Take advantage of new features: a hosted phone system will give you access to modern features. Our unified communications solution combines voice, video conferencing and screen sharing tools which help boost business efficiency and collaboration across multiple sites.

Future proof your communications: with a cloud-based phone system the service provider is responsible for maintenance and upgrades. You automatically have access to the latest version; writing off old equipment that has become obsolete is a thing of the past.  Users access the system from any location on any device, so you are no longer bound by physical location if you need to move again.

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