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Firstcom selects best-of-breed vendors to create a balanced solutions portfolio

Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies delivers best in class technical solutions across the globe. The Dell portfolio brings together hardware, software, and data centre products to provide solutions to businesses from start-ups to large enterprises.

Firstcom is proud to work together with Dell as a technology partner. Firstcom has a team of highly skilled professionals to support and deliver the Dell product portfolio.


More than 200,000 global customers trust Barracuda Networks to safeguard their data and stakeholders from security threats. Barracuda provides solutions for email protection, application and cloud security, network security and data protection.

As a Barracuda partner, Firstcom can protect and support your business with best-in-class security solutions.


Hornetsecurity is a global expert in email cloud security and backup for Microsoft 365. It has been operating for 15 years and is trusted by over 50,000 customers worldwide.

Thanks to our partnership with Hornetsecurity we can provide you with comprehensive easy-to-manage security solutions.


SentinelOne was founded by defence and intelligence experts to develop a dramatic new approach to endpoint protection.

Firstcom is proud to partner with a true innovator that is recognised as a global leader in cybersecurity. The SentinelOne platform uses AI and machine learning to deliver the defences companies need to prevent, detect, and undo threats.

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