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The business world is rapidly moving away from having a fixed working environment. You can choose a virtual number with local (e.g. 0208), national (e.g. 0333), or non-geographical calling prefix, (such as Freecall 0800 or Premium Rate 0900), no matter where you are located.

Virtual numbers help small businesses, start-ups, companies with remote workers and contact centres manage both their inbound and outbound calls. When used with a cloud-based Unified Comms system you can set the device (handset, computer, mobile or IVR) to have the one virtual phone number.


Attract more customers Some prospects may prefer to deal with a local company. You can give yourself a local presence by displaying the local area code.

Contact centres can take advantage of displaying a local number for a callout campaign in a specific geographical area. Prospects are more likely to pick up if they see a local area code displayed.

Marketing campaigns You might decide you use different inbound numbers for different marketing campaigns so that you can track which campaign has generated the most enquiries.

Number memorability Purchasing an easy-to-remember phone number can help you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Freephone 0800 numbers Removing the cost for others to call you gives you competitive advantage. 0800 numbers are easier to remember and create the impression that you are a strong established brand.

Give your business a national presence at absolutely no cost to you with our 0333 national or non-geographic numbers. National phone numbers can project a bigger company image and help you target potential opportunities throughout the country. All our Universe customers are allocated a non-geographic number free of charge.

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