What is a softphone and why should your business use one? 

You may have heard the term “softphone” as one of the features of a VoIP or unified communications solution, but what does it mean? A softphone is a type of software-based phone that allows you to make calls using your computer or mobile phone instead of a traditional telephone handset. Put simply, with a softphone you can make telephone calls without an actual telephone using the internet instead of the GSM mobile network. 

Most softphone applications have an accessible user-friendly interface. They mimic the familiar desk phone experience so that you get all the usual buttons and options.  Installation is usually just a matter of downloading an application from the provider onto your device of choice. You may decide that you need accessories like a headset, but you can use the speakers on your computer or mobile device to be up and running. 

Let’s look at the three main reasons every modern business should use them: 

Remote capability: a softphone application means that the laptop you use on the train or at the coffee shop can also be used to make business phone calls and join conference calls. Work anywhere at any time.  

Efficiency: Software is simply less expensive to buy and manage than hardware. Running your phone system on your existing equipment means there’s no need to buy physical phones. You’ll have less clutter on your desk thanks to reduced wires and plugs.   

Convenience. No need to hold a handset to your head when using your computer. Both hands are free to do work. Applications are easy to use as it’s all about clicking buttons on the screen. 

Your personal smart phone can double up as your office phone, and you can keep your personal (GSM) and work numbers (softphone) separate. Saves carrying around two phones When you take on a new member of staff, setting up their telephony is just a matter of buying them a PC and installing a program 

The benefits of softphones for businesses are clear, and the installation and operation could not be easier. The old division between your computer and your telephone is changing as they are coming together in the one device allowing you to work efficiently and conveniently wherever you are.  

Click on the link below to see our video on the key features of the Universe softphone for Windows and Mac: https://youtu.be/fVOttIYJqyo