What’s new in Universe – Quarter 4 2022

Paul McEwan
Head of Sales

Hello and welcome to the Q4 edition of “What’s New?”  our regular product and company update. 

Our Dev Ops team are working hard on developing new features and this is just the start!

In this issue, you will learn about some of the products we have recently developed for our unified communications product Universe.

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Bulk uploads now available for all your contacts

With Universe, you can create contact records of all your company’s employees into the Contacts section of your phone book by simply uploading a spreadsheet. It only takes a few minutes, and everyone’s details are available online.

Universe NEW Softphone

There is now a new softphone version available on your selfcare portal. Most customers can download this for free. It offers improved voice quality and a range of features that now work more smoothly.


From 45 days of storage to 12,500 calls

Usage Reporting – Customers of Universe used to have 45 days of storage before having to download their records. Now that has been changed to 12,500 calls.

Your administrator only needs to go to the selfcare portal and click Usage to see records of speech, data and SMS

Group Voicemail is now available

Sometimes it is necessary to have a Group Voicemail that can be accessed by more than one nominated person to receive messages for company wide functions. For example when a sales call is missed or when the contact centre customer service agents are not able to get to a call. 

Your administrator and nominated members of staff can access the Group Voicemail and then send the messages by email to relevant colleagues to sort out.

Group Voicemail

Don’t forget to make sure that you’re ready for the BIG switch-off in 2025. ISDN and Analogue lines will no longer be available

What is the telecom feature that you have always wanted?

We are upgrading our products all the time and we hope we are getting you what you need. If there is something that we have looked why not let us know?

Send us an email and we will let you know where this is on our development pathway.