Why phone calls still matter

Whatever size your business is, customers want to be able to communicate with you via their preferred channel.

This could be email, chat, social media, or phone.

The internet has made life easier; information is readily available, and purchases can be made with the click of a mouse.

With so many alternative means of contact now available, why do customers still feel the need to pick up the phone?

  • Human interaction counts.  There is no doubt that digital customer service is improving thanks to advances in technology. Customers may choose to carry out easy transactions and general enquiries over the website, but when they are ready to buy or need some detailed knowledge that automated responses simply can’t deliver, the phone call becomes just as valuable as it always was.
  • Phone calls are instant. There are simply times when speaking to a person and getting a quick answer is more desirable than typing out an email and waiting all day for someone to respond.  
  • Digital channels can’t answer every query.  Of course, it is helpful to have information on your website. But some issues are too complex to be resolved by FAQs or a chatbot. Some products and services may need customising. Or the finer details may need to be explained by a real person who is a product expert. This can give the customer confidence when making a purchase.
  • Easy access from mobile devices. From shopping websites to product information websites, customers are likely to more be interested if they can simply click on a phone number and call from their mobile. 

The customer journey does not start and end online; customers often jump from one channel to another, for example they might research a potential purchase on a smartphone, then a few days later make a call and place an order.

It is hard to imagine a world where technology will completely replace human interaction, and the phone call is still a key component of great customer service for any business.