Why UCaaS feels like it has taken over the world of communication

The world of communications has changed

The way we do business is very often defined by the way we communicate with one another. Once upon a time, Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) was a concept confined to those whose job was to imagine a future in which people and businesses communicated via cloud based services in ways that suited their lifestyle. In other words, something other people thought about. Then in 2020 the Covid Pandemic struck and, (by the way these things are measured) overnight, we all literally woke up and thought, “how does the world work now?”

As a result we became instant experts in the concept of remote working, video conferencing and a whole multitude of communication disciplines we had never previously given a lot of thought to. The impact of the pandemic is now writ large in our lives and fortunes were made and lost on the ebb and flow of market dynamics few could have imagined even weeks before.

However, whilst some industries and sectors that saw huge expansion have since experienced significant reduction, as we revert to the norm, the area of cloud based unified communications has not only stuck, but continues to grow at an incredible rate. Whilst the immediate 200% growth numbers that were seen in early 2020 might be a thing of the past, the 20% year on year growth in UCaaS products and services forecast between now and 2030 illustrates a sea change in the way people communicate.

And with that sea change has come a demand for innovation that has changed the business landscape for good. People like to work how they like to work. And small businesses need that flexibility and adaptability more than most.

Universe – for a new world

At Firstcom we recognised that change earlier than most and, with our Universe product, we adapted to the new world, where the cloud was your office and your phone was your computer and work was anywhere, anytime.

Firstcom’s Universe is a unified communications solution that brings together chat, voice, video and online collaboration in the one place. These services are accessed by your choice of device. This may be fixed line phones, mobile handsets or computers

Universe has an advanced set of features: Call recording, call transfer, call centre functionality, SIP internet connectivity, IVR call handling, call queuing and much more.

And, as a cloud based service, all upgrades are free and automatic. You can locate your staff where they need to be, in remote offices, at home or on the move.